A MARS Petcare brand for Australian Breeders and Pet owners.
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the client

Advance Pet (owned by MARS Petcare) is an Australian made, pet nutrition brand. The Advance Pet Brand is positioned as a premium, science-backed pet food product endorsed by dog and cat breeders. It is Australia designed and tested specifically for Australian pets, our unique climate and lifestyle.

the brief

With 21% of pet food sales moving online, Mars Petcare required a rapid MVP Shopify Plus delivery, allowing it to leverage existing pet breeder relationships (the current B2B selling model) to expand the sales model to also incorporate D2C samples to new ‘Pet Parents’ (i.e the new dog or cat owners that purchase their new pet via the breeders).

In Bed Store case study feature image

how we helped

The system created for Advance Pet had to tick several boxes. Firstly, a discovery and strategy session was established to understand the relationship between Breeders & Pet Parents. 

Secondly,  the project required a validation system for the authorised pet breeders, which would allow them to access their own Breeder login for preferential pricing and a loyalty program. This loyalty program was also created by 30Acres, with the aim being to reward Breeders for their referrals of the product onto the Pet Parents by signing them up for an introductory pack.



the result

The complex MVP launched in under 12 weeks. First week delivered higher sales than Advance Pet’s Amazon sales channel. With a return customer rate of 32%, and conversions of 18%, this MVP is off to a massively successful start.

+ 18%

Conversion rate

+ 32%

Return customer rate


weeks complex and speedy delivery

In Bed Store case study feature image
In Bed Store case study feature image
"I love working with 30Acres. They are always thinking outside the box, both creatively and technically."
Ali Worrall

Ali Worrall

Ecommerce Manager, Tiger Mist
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