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Shopify Experts: Fashion

While the Shopify platform excels in many areas, sometimes the out-of-the-box features just won’t cut it. Shopify Experts to the rescue! Not only can they do amazing things inside the template language liquid, they can even create truly customised applications to enhance your online presence.

Case in point are size charts; popular among clothing apparel websites to help customers accurately order the right size items. Unfortunately, this is a weakness with Shopify due to the handling of data. Currently Shopify organises different sizes by creating variants of the base product, and displays limited changes between sizes.

Our client, Boomshankar, encountered this exact issue and contracted 30acres to develop a solution, as changing size charts individually when different collections have different sizes can quickly become a tedious endeavour. To combat this, the 30acres development team leaned on their expertise in Ruby (the underlying developers’ language Shopify was built on) to create an application that hooked into the product data and created a fully customised size chart. Features of the chart include options to change measurements by collections, types of clothes or individually to accurately represent each item.

With simplicity at its core, the application handles hundreds of variants for hundreds of products every day and can be seen in action at the Boomshankar website.


by jonny

September 10, 2019

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