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Klaviyo SMS Strategies for Upcoming Sales Season

SMS is a hot marketing channel because of its high open rate and relatively easy setup. However, many marketers are jumping on board without thinking through their long-term or SMS sales marketing strategies. Data from Salesforce shows that SMS marketing experienced a huge spike in adoption last year, especially during the holiday season. During 2021 Cyber Week, messaging grew 101% through push notifications and SMS.

4 strategies you should consider:

Build your SMS subscriber lists ahead of time

Gathering SMS subscribers should be your No. 1 priority. Start establishing a solid SMS program early to build a relationship with your users.

  • Have a functioning welcome series for new SMS subscribers and layer SMS into high-engagement automations, these are important to have throughout the year, but especially during the holiday season.
  • Update your existing sign-up forms to collect phone numbers. This is an easy way to start building your SMS subscriber list.
  • Klaviyo allows you to collect SMS consent at check-out, so you can reach out to customers with SMS and re-engage them with an abandoned cart flow.

Personalise when possible

Personalisation is paramount when it comes to ecommerce SMS marketing. A consumer study conducted by Klaviyo found that personalised messages were one of the key factors when identifying which messages they like receiving from brands. 31% of respondents said they enjoy text messages that include an aspect of personalisation.

Segment your lists

Segmentation allows you to understand your audience better and send more targeted messages. Avoid messaging often and build your list with conditions around engagement and customer behaviour.

  • Create an engaged SMS segment to target those who regularly interact with your content.
  • If you use both SMS and email, you can create a segment of subscribers that interact with SMS messaging often.

Make your SMS subscribers feel special

If you want to make your most valuable customers feel special, use SMS marketing to send them exclusive deals and promotions.

  • If you have an existing email VIP segment, you can add new conditions around SMS, or you can build a new SMS VIP segment from scratch.
  • Early access to deals via SMS can help pull forward sales, and reward loyal customers with first dibs on the deals. For example giving your VIP customers early access to Black Friday or Christmas sales.
  • Remember that SMS should always take priority over email whenever there’s a time-sensitive or urgent message, like a flash sale or a discount code expiring. 

Hot SMS Tips for BFCM and Holiday season Sales

  • Text subscribers on the days below, but try not to exceed one text per day. Segment based on engagement and use email to complement your SMS strategy.
  • On Black Friday, focus on the visual elements and notify subscribers of the limited offer.
  • Offer 25% discount and free shipping the weekend before Cyber Monday to urge subscribers to purchase before the sale ends.
  • Promote Cyber Monday deals with a short and enticing message, and remind subscribers that the deal won't be returning until next year.


November 15, 2022

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