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Discover smarter product data
centralised product data management

Supercharge your Shopify Plus capabilities by storing, managing and merchandising your product data at scale with Middly.

single source of truth

Our Product Information Management (PIM) platform allows you to centralise all of your product data into a single source of truth.

better product data

For any fast-growing ecommerce business, effective product data management is a distinct competitive advantage. Manage, merchandise and enrich your product data with Middly.

Middly is the only PIM on the market tailored for Shopify Plus, created by Shopify experts.

what is a PIM?

A Product Information Management (PIM) platform is a cloud-based SaaS tool, which allows you to integrate, store, organise, manage and sync the product data for your company.

It replaces the need to manage multiple spreadsheets and documents, as it stores all product files, images, videos, graphics and tags in one place, accessible to all departments.

improved workflow, smarter products

save hours of time

Seamlessly upload new products en masse and edit groups of products together.
Enjoy the easy-to-use interface.

reduce manual errors

Middly flags data issues and ensures that you validate all data.
Mass uploading & editing reduces the chance of human error.

manage multiple stores and locations

Manage products across multiple stores, locations and channels, in multiple languages.

add advanced product merchandising features

Add additional fields to products such as XYZ, and manually link your products.

analyse your data

Produce custom reports and alerts.
Calculate margins to assist your pricing strategy.

sync with your 3rd Party Apps

Pull in data from your inventory management system and suppliers.

customise your experience

Customise your dashboard to suit your company needs. Add and remove modules as required. And let us know what else you would like the platform to do, as we’re always looking to roll out new features!

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